Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The M41 Bulldog, In-depth

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't been able to update my blog as much as before, but I was busy with schoolwork and didn't have a lot of free time. However, ever since I picked up WoT again, and Thanksgiving holiday is coming near, I think I can write up another review for now.

Today's tank review will be on the M41 Walker Bulldog:

Full Stats

So I reached this tier 7 American light tank with very high expectations. 1500 potential clip damage? 175mm pen APCR standard rounds? 8 degrees of gun depression? 400m view range? 72km top speed and 56 degrees traverse? 22.86 hp/t ratio but terrain resistance values of a T-62A? In short, it sounded absolutely crazy fun to me and I was full of hype after I got it to its top configuration.

But I discovered several things about this tank.

Monday, November 30, 2015

AMX ELC bis Review

Hi again guys,

Today's review is on the AMX ELC bis, formerly known (before its HD model) as the ELC AMX.

Full Stats

This is the tier 5 French light tank, and the line's playstyle changes dramatically with it. Previously, the tanks like the AMX 38 and 40 had very weak guns with poor DPM, poor penetration, and poor accuracy, despite having strong armor. The ELC's armor is so weak that even most HE shells penetrate easily, but its gun gets a nice upgrade. In fact it has the same alpha damage and penetration values of the AMX 13 90, a tier 8 light tank. This raw power is balanced by a rate of fire of only 5, resulting in a base DPM of 1200. The gun also has a long aim time of 2.9 seconds, worsened by poor gun handling, a turret that can only turn 15 degrees to either side, a rear mounted turret, and 5 degrees of gun depression. Nevertheless, the raw alpha and penetration of the gun makes it the perfect tool for seizing brief opportunities of firing at an enemy tank.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ARL 44 Review

Hi again guys, here's my new review:

Full Stats

Although I've had a rough start in it, the ARL 44 is quickly becoming one of my favorite heavy tanks. I've heard, of course, either very good or very bad things about it. Nothing much in between.  I was intriqued, and since I enjoy tier 6 tanks in general, as well as looking for an alternative choice for tier 6 strongholds, I decided to pick it up.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tier 6 British medium tank, Cromwell - Tank Review

Currently one of my favorite and best performing tanks,

Full Stats

the Cromwell has one of the highest potentials/skill ceilings of all tier 6 medium tanks, and can easily execute many roles. The reason is obvious - the Cromwell is a balance of excellent and consistent firepower and amazing speed comparable to light tanks. The only things it truly lacks, in my opinion, are armor and gun handling. Everything else about the tank is simply outstanding.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Opinions of the BT-7A

Honestly, the most enjoyable result of the BT-7A giveway event was the use of my PzKpfw I C to club extremely hard. It was dirty, yes, but incredibly fun. ;)
However, I did play my BT-7A for a few games, and it definitely is the best free tank WG has given to me so far, perhaps even better than the Tetrarch (which we are getting again through the Gauntlet missions this month, anyway). Not only is it competitive compared to its peers, but it can do hilarious things in all matchups with its 75mm derp gun and 37 hp/t ratio.

Finally Did It. I almost feel like a good player right now :')

3 Marks of excellence on one of my favorite tanks.

I went tryhard mode with my platoonmate Possums in his M44, trying to get in spotting damage as well as regular damage to help me to my 3 mark dream. And that dream has come true in this game (warning, 3 pictures):

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Churchill III 9 Kills, 2k Damage, Most Balanced Heavy Tank NA

Come from behind, autoaim, 2330 DPM 6-pounder with 1.93 second reload. 'Nuf said, just watch the video and be amazed on how fair the Churchill III is.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tank Reviews For Tier 6 Strongholds (And CW)

Hey guys,

Today I'll be talking about the choices of tier 6 tanks for strongholds. So, it's going to be pretty lengthy, but of course hitting CTRL + F is good if you just want a reference.

The tanks I reviewed are arranged into their classes. Each tank has a short explanation of why this tank is viable, and how and where they are effective. I left out tanks that are generally never chosen for strongholds, in my experience and opinion. There is no one single "best" lineup or even tank choice, as each player (and battle caller) has their own preference, experience, and results, so don't take my opinions as a final word. Also, get ready for a huge load of text. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Stug IV Thoughts

Just a quick post,

Full Stats

On Wednesday, I finally completed the first set of Personal Missions and earned myself a shiny new Stug IV. I had previously heard many comments about it, few of them good. However, I had my OP E-25 crew, so why not try it? I slapped on my binocs, camo net, and a gun rammer and started battle.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top 3 Sidescraping Tanks For Each Tier (In my opinion)

I may be bias in this, as I have not played every tank I've put on the list. However, I try to be as accurate as possible, and have included reasons on why a tank was chosen by me, or not. Your experiences could vary. I'll start with tier 4, where there are actually tanks that can/bother to sidescrape.

Tier 4:

  1. Valentine - 60mm sides with tracks reinforcement and a high alpha gun allow the valentine to sidescrape well.
  2. DW2 - 50mm flat sides with fat tracks and a 5 cm gun with decent damage, as well as central turret placement, make this tank very nice in sidescraping spots.
  3. B1/PzKpfw B2 - 60mm side armor plus troll turret armor and great reverse-sidescraping abilities due to front turret placement mean that this tank can sidescrape decently. However, the tracks don't cover most of the side and provide extra spaced armor like the DW2's tracks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Things Go Perfect - LTTB Style

You know those games where everything seems absolutely amazing, and you feel like you're the god of RNG or something? The video of the replay will probably explain it all...

Here are some post-game screenshots as well.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

E-25 is Worth It

This tank was removed for a reason. It's too abusable/broken for competent drivers. The combination of high mobility, pref mm to make up for a low penetration but machine-gun like gun with amazing gun handling and accuracy, and finally, absolutely INSANE camo values, make this tank one of my favorite tanks, and in my opinion, the most powerful tier 7 premium ever released.

Full Stats

Even when I first bought the E-25, and knew close to nothing about camo and outspotting mechanics, I could easily do well in it, much better than my Jgtig 8,8. The gun just felt extremely consistent and powerful in dealing out damage over time. The mobility was great, allowing me to perform long-range flanking. These easy to understand characteristics were enough to convince me that this tank was great.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Cogitations of the T-54 First Prototype

So, I bought the T-54 Prototype after the FCM 50T was not on sale.
After I wrote a HUGE article in the WoT Forum explaining how it was a weak tonk too.
So, I'm a hyprocrite. Apologies for that.

Full Stats

But after personally experiencing the playstyle of this tank, I realized that the tank isn't bad. Yes, it's not in any way OP, or even a great tank, but it is fun to play, trains my crew, prints decent credits, and serves its purpose as a bully/harasser tank.

What to expect of its armor?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Object 416 Thoughts (Happy Independence Day!)

Happy Friday Tankers,

today I am writing my review of the Object 416, a Russian tier 8 medium tank. Since I have just finished the grind, and have moved on to the T-54, I believe the time is right for me to review the tank (although I will continue to play it in the future to obtain the Object 430 Version II).

Full Stats

First of all, it is probably the hardest tank to master that I have played. I have struggled in this tank for many battles, and was irritated to the point that I called it frustrating to play. True - if you do not have the patience/skill to learn the Object 416's very unique playstyle, this can be a very frustrating tank to play.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

T-34 is, IMO, the best overall tier 5 tank available.

Hi again tankers,

Full Stats

This is the only tier 5 tank that I have played that I've noticed highly rewarding results if you play smart. No matter what, you are never clearly overmatched over any opponent you can face. You always have some kind of strength over them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

XVM Sniping Confirmed

Playing T-34 on Highway, was one-shotted at beginning of game before I could do any damage by a Grille.

I got a bit angry at RNG (not him) and arty mechanics, and later the same Grille PM'ed me after battle, saying:

(4:11:26 PM) I was following the PzIII/IV and was gonna kill him, but he ran up on you and I saw you both. He was a tomato, so you became the unlucky target

All I can state is:
The_Ghghp is now a confirmed artillery rebalance supporter as of 4:11:26 PM PST June 30th, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Alternative to Tank Inspector

Pretty cool website many of you already know about. Has the 3D penetration/armor models, detailed soft stats, gun depression circle, etc. Pretty much everything you want from Tank Inspector, including "hidden" tanks, on a website where you don't have to download anything. It's also a lot more kind to lower-end computers for the 3D Armor Models. :)

Check it out here:

Honest Thoughts/Review on SU-122-44

Hi again guys,
So today I decided to express my opinions on the SU-122-44. First, allow me to confess that I absolutely suck in Russian TDs. I have yet to gain a single MOE on any of them, including the SU-122-44 itself and the SU-100Y stronk box tonk. It's not that I don't have fun in them, I do, but I just can't seem to perform consistently in them. I'd much rather play tanks such as the Type 64 or E-25 as premium money makers. The SU-122-44, to my point of view, is a rather overrated tank for most pubbies. Yes there is no denying the amazing traverse speed, the ridiculous DPM and good alpha, and intimidating sloped armor front profile, as well as the high speed of relocation. There is absolutely no doubt that unicums or experienced players can easily abuse these features and yield amazing results in battle. I am not in way intending to demean or discredit the SU-122-44 itself as a tank.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spahpanzer SPIC Thoughts & Gun Stats Overview & Screenies

Check out this screenshots attached below. It's for the upcoming German tier 7 light tank that will be replacing the Awful Panther in patch 9.9.
SPIC looks pretty good, but not OP. One thing to notice is that it's slow - about the same top speed as the T21, turns somewhat slow too, like a T37, and the gun handling is pretty average and you can't mount a vertical stabilizer. But, you get 10 degrees of gun depression from all sides, which is pretty nice. Also, the stock gun is actually really good, like the ELC's 90mm but with better stats overall. The autoloader gun has pretty good accuracy at 0.38, and 3 seconds between shots just like the AMX 13 90. The gun handling is significantly better than the AMX 13 90's. The tank is incredibly light and looks much like a German ELC AMX that got stretched to be much greater in height. Below average HP. The second 90mm is the non-autoloader version of the top gun. It has better accuracy and gun handling on the move, as well as overall ROF and DPM, and you have to research it in order to get the autoloader gun. If you're not very good and aggressive/smart enough to play with autoloaders, you might want to use this gun instead as it can shoot out shots at a constant rate.

Stats for all the tank's guns (Base value, NOT 100% crew config as displayed in Tank Inspector):