Tuesday, June 30, 2015

XVM Sniping Confirmed

Playing T-34 on Highway, was one-shotted at beginning of game before I could do any damage by a Grille.

I got a bit angry at RNG (not him) and arty mechanics, and later the same Grille PM'ed me after battle, saying:

(4:11:26 PM) I was following the PzIII/IV and was gonna kill him, but he ran up on you and I saw you both. He was a tomato, so you became the unlucky target

All I can state is:
The_Ghghp is now a confirmed artillery rebalance supporter as of 4:11:26 PM PST June 30th, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Alternative to Tank Inspector

Pretty cool website many of you already know about. Has the 3D penetration/armor models, detailed soft stats, gun depression circle, etc. Pretty much everything you want from Tank Inspector, including "hidden" tanks, on a website where you don't have to download anything. It's also a lot more kind to lower-end computers for the 3D Armor Models. :)

Check it out here:

Honest Thoughts/Review on SU-122-44

Hi again guys,
So today I decided to express my opinions on the SU-122-44. First, allow me to confess that I absolutely suck in Russian TDs. I have yet to gain a single MOE on any of them, including the SU-122-44 itself and the SU-100Y stronk box tonk. It's not that I don't have fun in them, I do, but I just can't seem to perform consistently in them. I'd much rather play tanks such as the Type 64 or E-25 as premium money makers. The SU-122-44, to my point of view, is a rather overrated tank for most pubbies. Yes there is no denying the amazing traverse speed, the ridiculous DPM and good alpha, and intimidating sloped armor front profile, as well as the high speed of relocation. There is absolutely no doubt that unicums or experienced players can easily abuse these features and yield amazing results in battle. I am not in way intending to demean or discredit the SU-122-44 itself as a tank.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spahpanzer SPIC Thoughts & Gun Stats Overview & Screenies

Check out this screenshots attached below. It's for the upcoming German tier 7 light tank that will be replacing the Awful Panther in patch 9.9.
SPIC looks pretty good, but not OP. One thing to notice is that it's slow - about the same top speed as the T21, turns somewhat slow too, like a T37, and the gun handling is pretty average and you can't mount a vertical stabilizer. But, you get 10 degrees of gun depression from all sides, which is pretty nice. Also, the stock gun is actually really good, like the ELC's 90mm but with better stats overall. The autoloader gun has pretty good accuracy at 0.38, and 3 seconds between shots just like the AMX 13 90. The gun handling is significantly better than the AMX 13 90's. The tank is incredibly light and looks much like a German ELC AMX that got stretched to be much greater in height. Below average HP. The second 90mm is the non-autoloader version of the top gun. It has better accuracy and gun handling on the move, as well as overall ROF and DPM, and you have to research it in order to get the autoloader gun. If you're not very good and aggressive/smart enough to play with autoloaders, you might want to use this gun instead as it can shoot out shots at a constant rate.

Stats for all the tank's guns (Base value, NOT 100% crew config as displayed in Tank Inspector):