Friday, July 3, 2015

Object 416 Thoughts (Happy Independence Day!)

Happy Friday Tankers,

today I am writing my review of the Object 416, a Russian tier 8 medium tank. Since I have just finished the grind, and have moved on to the T-54, I believe the time is right for me to review the tank (although I will continue to play it in the future to obtain the Object 430 Version II).

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First of all, it is probably the hardest tank to master that I have played. I have struggled in this tank for many battles, and was irritated to the point that I called it frustrating to play. True - if you do not have the patience/skill to learn the Object 416's very unique playstyle, this can be a very frustrating tank to play.


There are a number of reasons. First of all, the tank's gun can be very finicky at times. Boasting good alpha damage, good penetration, and simply ridiculously high DPM and HEAT round penetration, especially compared to its peers, it has to come with downsides. The base accuracy value is 0.37. When compared to other sniping peers, this accuracy is bad. You often get many more troll bounces than you'd like at range. Furthermore, the shell velocity is very slow, and adjusting to its speed and using proper lead and prediction will definitely take practice. This gun is mounted a chassis with a rear-mounted turret with the almost nonexistent gun depression of -3. You can sidescrape in a pinch, but most competent opponents will easily catch on. You must rely on your mobility, camouflage, and common sense when fighting your opponents. Keep in mind you cannot rely on the basic properties of gun depression and armor/HP. If you get permatracked, you are almost certainly dead if you do not have a repair kit as your turret cannot turn all the way (not even 90 degrees to each side). These properties of the tank are quite unusual and it is not a tank that everyone should try to obtain, much less play.

However, when these somewhat deterring properties are mastered, and one keeps a cool and reasonable head always when playing in factors such as controlling "greed" in dealing damage, knowing when to engage and when to not engage, and, most of all, how to abuse this tank's amazing camo and good mobility properties, one will find this tank to be one of the most rewarding tanks to play in the game. The damage potential with the top gun is beyond any of its peers by a huge amount, and the camouflage, with a good crew and proper positioning skills/knowledge of game mechanics, can become an insanely deadly weapon in turn with the gun. Knowing how to bush, when to bush, where to bush, and when to do secondary options such as flanking or skirmishing is something that simply cannot be described briefly. It requires practice, and a huge amount of patience/tolerance as this tank significantly unlike any other tank in the game (the closest match, but still not too close, is the ELC AMX). Using the lesser known properties of camo and reactiveness/decision-making, one can impact every game they go into in a significant amount, and consistently. If you cannot take the style of camouflage and long-range "brawling", then playing as a support tank is still definitely not a waste of a role in a battle.

For equipment, I recommend to mount a gun rammer, camo net, and binoculars. This is not the sort of tank to go active scouting and very aggressive circling, although it can do it in a pinch. The gun handling is very good so a vertical stabilizer is unnecessary. Using the camo net and binoculars combo, you can outspot your opponent many times and remain unspotted as you continue to relocate and punish the enemy team from different angles. Crew skills I trained were all camo first, and sixth sense for the commander. Sixth sense is essential on this tank for a camo playstyle - once you're spotted, you need to quickly get out and relocate or you will be eliminated very easily.

Stock grind is simple. Use free xp for at least the tracks or you will feel the pain, as one cannot even mount any equipment with the stock suspension. Next, you'd want to research the top gun, as that is what makes the tank. Next up is the unique looking top turret. Finish up with the second radio (if it wasn't researched already). After you research the T-54, you can research the top radio if you'd like to keep the tank.

Overall, I believe this is a tank with one of the highest skill caps in the game, and presents a challenge but huge reward for anyone is willing to play it and take it on. It requires a highly trained crew, and even more, a highly capable driver. I have had personal experience in just that. Although I myself am not the best player around, or even a very competent one, I was still able to make this tank one of the best tanks I'd ever played.

See you all in WOT on Independence Day,

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