Wednesday, July 1, 2015

T-34 is, IMO, the best overall tier 5 tank available.

Hi again tankers,

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This is the only tier 5 tank that I have played that I've noticed highly rewarding results if you play smart. No matter what, you are never clearly overmatched over any opponent you can face. You always have some kind of strength over them.

Against lower tiers, the armor holds up surprisingly excellently. Against heavy tanks, you have a big advantage in mobility, and in almost all cases, DPM. This tank has absolutely insane DPM. 85 damage put out every 1.94 seconds for my configuration of 100% crew, vents, and rammer. That makes 2628 DPM. Noticeably better than almost every other medium tank until tier 9. Combined with rather nice penetration of 112mm, and amazing 0.34 accuracy as well as shell velocity as fast as other tier 5 medium's APCR shells, makes this tank an amazing machine for nearly every role. Depending on the situation, you can hang back and do some quick sniping, tail behind heavy tanks, flank around and just pour DPM into your opponents. Can't pen? No problem: 189mm APCR rounds. No need to have to worry about reloading when switching ammo either. -8 gun depression with a troll gun mantlet and sloped cheeks means that it fares above average on hills as well.  Want to make your armor work? Sloped 40mm armor sides means you can sidescrape in a pinch and troll people who are frustrated with the sheer speed they are being whittled down with your 57mm. Did I mention it looks great and has great camo values as well? There is no true weakness to this tank other than "low damage per shot". It doesn't even matter, as you can easily put 2 - 3 shots into the enemy before they can even react. This tank is the master of jack-of-all trades and carrying teams with some extreme firepower. It is one of my favorite tanks in my garage right now, and my top stress reliever without a doubt. I have already obtained my second mark at battle count 163 and hope to eventually earn my third mark as I continue to grow and improve as a player.

Just another of my consistent, fun games; earning my second mark was a pleasure.

P.S. A grand total of 1714 credits were spent on that game resupplying ammunition and repairing my tank. Original credits earned: 40,564.

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