Friday, August 7, 2015

Tier 6 British medium tank, Cromwell - Tank Review

Currently one of my favorite and best performing tanks,

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the Cromwell has one of the highest potentials/skill ceilings of all tier 6 medium tanks, and can easily execute many roles. The reason is obvious - the Cromwell is a balance of excellent and consistent firepower and amazing speed comparable to light tanks. The only things it truly lacks, in my opinion, are armor and gun handling. Everything else about the tank is simply outstanding.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Opinions of the BT-7A

Honestly, the most enjoyable result of the BT-7A giveway event was the use of my PzKpfw I C to club extremely hard. It was dirty, yes, but incredibly fun. ;)
However, I did play my BT-7A for a few games, and it definitely is the best free tank WG has given to me so far, perhaps even better than the Tetrarch (which we are getting again through the Gauntlet missions this month, anyway). Not only is it competitive compared to its peers, but it can do hilarious things in all matchups with its 75mm derp gun and 37 hp/t ratio.

Finally Did It. I almost feel like a good player right now :')

3 Marks of excellence on one of my favorite tanks.

I went tryhard mode with my platoonmate Possums in his M44, trying to get in spotting damage as well as regular damage to help me to my 3 mark dream. And that dream has come true in this game (warning, 3 pictures):

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Churchill III 9 Kills, 2k Damage, Most Balanced Heavy Tank NA

Come from behind, autoaim, 2330 DPM 6-pounder with 1.93 second reload. 'Nuf said, just watch the video and be amazed on how fair the Churchill III is.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tank Reviews For Tier 6 Strongholds (And CW)

Hey guys,

Today I'll be talking about the choices of tier 6 tanks for strongholds. So, it's going to be pretty lengthy, but of course hitting CTRL + F is good if you just want a reference.

The tanks I reviewed are arranged into their classes. Each tank has a short explanation of why this tank is viable, and how and where they are effective. I left out tanks that are generally never chosen for strongholds, in my experience and opinion. There is no one single "best" lineup or even tank choice, as each player (and battle caller) has their own preference, experience, and results, so don't take my opinions as a final word. Also, get ready for a huge load of text. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Stug IV Thoughts

Just a quick post,

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On Wednesday, I finally completed the first set of Personal Missions and earned myself a shiny new Stug IV. I had previously heard many comments about it, few of them good. However, I had my OP E-25 crew, so why not try it? I slapped on my binocs, camo net, and a gun rammer and started battle.