Thursday, August 6, 2015

Finally Did It. I almost feel like a good player right now :')

3 Marks of excellence on one of my favorite tanks.

I went tryhard mode with my platoonmate Possums in his M44, trying to get in spotting damage as well as regular damage to help me to my 3 mark dream. And that dream has come true in this game (warning, 3 pictures):

This was achieved through exactly 160 battles, and an overall average damage of 1026, with an overall average assisted damage of 357.31 and 2.29 spots per game, and 1.35 vehicles destroyed per game on average. I progressed from a 94.2% MOE percent to a 95.02% on the above battle.

I can't believe it. I finally achieved what I thought to be absolutely impossible for me just months ago. I'm proud to be a better player, and hope I'll continue to improve and make me a worthy teammate. Through dedication and confidence, as well as attempting to play cautiously... you get the idea.

Tanks I hope to also get 3 MOEs in include the T37, E-25, and T-54 First Prototype. Those tanks I also really like and are getting very close to 2 MOEs. I could try with my 2 marked T29 but that for that tank getting 3 marks is really hard. Good luck to everyone on their own marks, and if a temperamental play-for-fun player like me can get 3 marks of excellence, I don't see why any other motivated player can't. 

Thanks for reading guys, The_Ghghp out.

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