Monday, November 30, 2015

AMX ELC bis Review

Hi again guys,

Today's review is on the AMX ELC bis, formerly known (before its HD model) as the ELC AMX.

Full Stats

This is the tier 5 French light tank, and the line's playstyle changes dramatically with it. Previously, the tanks like the AMX 38 and 40 had very weak guns with poor DPM, poor penetration, and poor accuracy, despite having strong armor. The ELC's armor is so weak that even most HE shells penetrate easily, but its gun gets a nice upgrade. In fact it has the same alpha damage and penetration values of the AMX 13 90, a tier 8 light tank. This raw power is balanced by a rate of fire of only 5, resulting in a base DPM of 1200. The gun also has a long aim time of 2.9 seconds, worsened by poor gun handling, a turret that can only turn 15 degrees to either side, a rear mounted turret, and 5 degrees of gun depression. Nevertheless, the raw alpha and penetration of the gun makes it the perfect tool for seizing brief opportunities of firing at an enemy tank.