Thursday, December 29, 2016

Skoda T24 - Deadly Guerilla


The_Ghghp here with a review on the Skoda T24. This time I've also included one of my replays on YouTube in the Playstyle section.

Full Stats

Initially, when I got this tank, I thought it would be a piece of total [edited] like most tier 5 medium tanks. But when my average damage in it started surpassing even my T-34, I knew something was up. So it turns out that while this tank certainly doesn't have the raw DPM that the T-34 offers, it has a lot of handy features at its disposal that definitely make up for it. I ground through to the Skoda T25 in just 49 battles, and have decided to keep the tank for now. Its playstyle is somewhat unique - I feel like it's unlike any other tank in its tech tree line. Nevertheless, it really feels rewarding when played right.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New PB for getting 2 MOEs in a tank!

Yo guys, The_Ghghp here with a quick update. I just got 2 MOEs in the KV-13 in only 68 games!

Check out the forum post for screenies and stuff:

Just realized that 2016 ends in just a few days! Happy New Year to everyone, best of luck in 2017...

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Holiday Ops in WoT is releasing crazy gold discounts at December 30th!

[Update] So apparently WG's own legal doc has incorrect information. This is the situation.


I got this raw data about all the upcoming premium shop deals for "decoration boxes". Notable boxes include the ones that give you a specific lvl 5 decoration and 1875 gold for $5. This rate of exchange is 375 gold for $1. That is the best money-to-gold exchange rate I've ever seen. On top of that, the boxes give you a "decent" chance to win a Pzkpfw B2 or 1000 more gold or 30 days of prem. You also get a small chance to win the recently buffed M46 Patton KR. So if you're planning to spend $5 or more on the holiday boxes, please wait for December 30th. The deals are way better (unless you only want decorations).

Purchase Page (the $5 bundles are available December 30th):

And here is the raw paste data for all the upcoming bundles. The deals I mentioned include the tree topper bundle, and the individual decorations (camo, side decor, turret, front decor) for the snowitzer. They will be highlighted.

Friday, December 16, 2016

T-54 First Prototype vs Tier 10 on Paris

What's up guys,

I'm here with a pretty interesting replay for you guys today. A lot of people criticize the T-54 Mod 1 for its underperformance in unfavorable matchups. As a consequence, you don't see many around in random battles anymore.

However, as long as you know your limits and know what opportunities to look for and where to go, any darn tank can still produce a respectable result. In fact, even though I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the Paris map, I managed to have a pretty close, but fun game in this tier 10 match.
Check out the video:

Post-game screenies:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Type 58 isn't all that bad


The_Ghghp here with another tank review for you guys.

Full Stats

I've already played the T-34-85 the Type 58. So, I'd have a pretty painful grind to the IS-2 right? Actually, I surprised myself. Although they look so similar, the Type 58 doesn't feel like a direct downgrade from the T-34-85; it feels like an entirely different tank. It seems that it has its own unique playstyle that needs adjusting to in order to reach its highest potential. Also, playing the tank is a good way to tell if the Chinese medium tank line is right for your playstyle or not.

Type 58 vs T-34-85 stats

So what's so special about this "clone"?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tier 8 Strongholds and CW Tank Reviews

Hey guys,

The_Ghghp here, back with a new guide for y'all to digest. It's been a decently long break from my previous post, but for good reason. I promise that today's guide will keep you busy for a while.

Today I'll be talking in-depth about the different choices of tier 8 tanks for strongholds. Though some tanks are clearly more effective than others, the key of success is not always limited to the IS-3 and T-54 Lightweight. In fact, the ability to adapt and tweak team composition as needed to tailor a specific strategy and caller is absolutely crucial. This guide will go over a selection of tier 8 tanks, and what roles in battles they can serve.

The tanks I reviewed are arranged into their classes. Each class will be provided with a description of their roles and effectiveness in battle. Each tank has a short explanation of why this tank is viable, and how and where they are effective. I left out tanks that are generally never chosen for competitive strongholds/CW, in my experience and opinion. There is no single "best" lineup or even tank choice, as each player (and battle caller) has their own preference, experience, and results, so don't take my opinions as a final word.

[Warning: the following section contains a lot of text and images]

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

KV-13: A Bit of Everything

Hey tankers,

It's easy to overlook the KV-13, since you do not have to play this tank to get any other tank in the game, it being a unique "transition" tank between the USSR heavy tank line and the USSR medium tank line.

So does that mean that you should overlook it? Aren't all tier 7 mediums mediocre in general? Why should you bother to get this tank?

The KV-13, in my opinion, is the T-54 of tier 7.

Full Stats

The downsides of the tank are quite similar to the T-54. Poor gun depression at -5 degrees, and poor penetration. Other than that though, the tank has very few glaring downsides. Although its IS-like armor appears to be its most immediate strength compared to peers, the KV-13 actually offers quite more than just that.