Tuesday, August 16, 2016

KV-13: A Bit of Everything

Hey tankers,

It's easy to overlook the KV-13, since you do not have to play this tank to get any other tank in the game, it being a unique "transition" tank between the USSR heavy tank line and the USSR medium tank line.

So does that mean that you should overlook it? Aren't all tier 7 mediums mediocre in general? Why should you bother to get this tank?

The KV-13, in my opinion, is the T-54 of tier 7.

Full Stats

The downsides of the tank are quite similar to the T-54. Poor gun depression at -5 degrees, and poor penetration. Other than that though, the tank has very few glaring downsides. Although its IS-like armor appears to be its most immediate strength compared to peers, the KV-13 actually offers quite more than just that.