Friday, December 16, 2016

T-54 First Prototype vs Tier 10 on Paris

What's up guys,

I'm here with a pretty interesting replay for you guys today. A lot of people criticize the T-54 Mod 1 for its underperformance in unfavorable matchups. As a consequence, you don't see many around in random battles anymore.

However, as long as you know your limits and know what opportunities to look for and where to go, any darn tank can still produce a respectable result. In fact, even though I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the Paris map, I managed to have a pretty close, but fun game in this tier 10 match.
Check out the video:

Post-game screenies:

Chill out,

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  1. I changed my recording software from Loilo to OBS Studio, btw. Uses more CPU but the video and audio quality is way better.